The voice of kibera team has carried out different activities as well as participated in different events that are and will enhance growth at different capacities.

Last week witnessed the evaluation launch of “ushahidi” .”ushahidi”which means testimony in Swahili, is a crouwdsourcing platform that voice of kibera uses to aggregate and map reports. Four members from the voice of kibera team attended the launch and a blog was posted about the evaluation launch.

A people with disability forum was  also held at mchanaganyiko hall, and it was all about sensitizing the community about people  with special needs, to be accepted like any other members  of the society.

On the other hand of the reporting, a child died after a fatal accident that occurred at mashimoni, kibera, two more people sustained injuries. The lorry that caused the accident, is believed to have had brakes malfunction, lost control hitting a barber shop and a salon, The barber was injured serious as well as a reporter from one of the community radio station who was injured while trying to help ,they were rushed  to a nearby medical centre for treatment.

Sports are known to bring together people or communities in kibera .A peace tournament composed of different categories of sports were held recently at old kibera primary school. The sports included football, cat walk and tag war. The event was organized by YOBBPEK (Youth Building Bridges for Peace in Kibera), in partnership with a catholic peace led programme on peace. It was also meant to nurture talent on the upcoming generation.

As part of keeping the environment clean and safe, a number of youth, representing the different villages of kibera came up in large numbers to clean up kibera.The cleaning was around kibera and lasted four hour with each youth earning a stipend of kshs 250, courtesy of CDF Committee of kibera.

Over the last two weeks, VOK has held four meetings of two categories; general VOK meetings, every Thursdays’ and the blog meeting, every Tuesdays’ all with the aim to foresee progress in the different areas of operations.

Fourteen web reports have been submitted to the platform and six blog posts



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