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Floods Cause Death in Gatwekera area of Kibera

At least three people were believed to have died after a flood swept away a section of Gatwekera village in Kibera due to the on-going heavy rains.  Here is the map of Kibera’s areas affected by the floods of April, … Continue reading

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Rumours That Shape Kibera Politics: Party Nominations Dispute

Kibera street political analysts, as I may call them, and rumour mongers, have a very thin line separating them if the happenings of the past few days is anything to go by. After fierce campaigns on 6th and 7th January, … Continue reading

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Destruction of Red Rose Nursery School and Children’s Centre

After the Party nominations which happened on 17th January 2013 the residents turned into violence which ended up in the destruction of a Nursery School. According to one of the rioters they claimed that one of the MP aspirants who … Continue reading

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Rising Insecurity in Kibera

There has been reports and cases of increased insecurity in different parts of Kibera over the resent times. This has led to a number of deaths either by mob justices, police killings and even some caused by the gangster’s attacks … Continue reading

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Residents of Kibera, Soweto East region have been left homeless following the demolition that has been witnessed recently. The demolition was to pave way for the second phase of the slum upgrading project which had started early last year but … Continue reading

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Kibera; Sitting on a time bomb whose explosion waits

Having taken time to see, listen to people talk, watch in the news and follow all those tweets about the Sinai Slums tragedy, I sat back and thought what if/how different would it have been in Kibera if this was … Continue reading

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The voice of kibera team has carried out different activities as well as participated in different events that are and will enhance growth at different capacities. Last week witnessed the evaluation launch of “ushahidi” .”ushahidi”which means testimony in Swahili, is … Continue reading

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Its very unfortunate that this situation is getting out of hand and nothing is being done to salvage those who are hard hitten by this hunger and starvation for Gods sake.We must admit the fact and it should be declared … Continue reading

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Electricity and you!

It has become a normal that no month passes by without  cases of fire outbreaks being reported or witnessed..Many lives have been lost and properties worth millions of shillings being reduced to ashes as a result of fire tragedies..Various elements … Continue reading

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