Destruction of Red Rose Nursery School and Children’s Centre

After the Party nominations which happened on 17th January 2013 the residents turned into violence which ended up in the destruction of a Nursery School. According to one of the rioters they claimed that one of the MP aspirants who also owns the school had given the Sarang’ombe County representative certificate to the wrong person.

The rioters went  to the aspirants organisation to look for an explanation from the him but it was all in vain. They later matched to the Red Rose Nursery and Children’s Centre where they started the demolition after they found out he was not in the area. During the incident the children had left for their homes and were not around the school compound.

They ran down the gate of the school and were able to get in the school where they broke the windows and the walls. Police were called in the incident and were able to calm down the situation by dispersing the crowd.

Below are some photos of the destruction.








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