Keeping the youth involved.

Community youth groups are always keen to make sure they represent their communities and this is not an exception here in Kibera. Whenever a youth group is out there doing something be it drama, sports or any community activity the community is always behind it for support. There is that bond which make the community support the youth group. this is a key thing which make the group feel at home and gain strength.

Accessing the issue here in Kibera where we have more than 100 youth groups we do not lie when we say that ‘The future is bright’ and indeed it is. The youth is the one ground that we can look for volunteers and community-conscious people who are prepared to work hard to bring about change. Take an example with the recent ODM elections or the election of the ward youth representatives, this is where you will hear the all the youth taking in one voice. This are elections which the youth came out and showed what they have to offer to the community. Involving the youth comes in with extra-ordinary benefits.The benefits will come not limited to energy, enthusiasm, creativity and time not forgetting they are able to embrace change within any organisation.

Going back to leadership this helps prepare the next generation of of leaders. The young will be able to come up with fresh new ideas which are worth if given the opportunity. Although some community elders are dubiuos about bringing young people into leadership loops fearing they will misuse the post or will not be able to bring about good leadership which is not the right thought.

Engaging the services and support of young people can go a long way to ensuring the future of the organisation. Failing to recruit new members in a team will likely cause the organisation to end when its members move on. An organisation can reach its peek here in Kibera if the young are treated with respect and as equal among the adults. Take an example of Dudubaya Youth Group in DC which deals with community development. Here you will find a mixer of old and young all seated and giving out their views. Each and every view is listened to and given the same weight as those of more experienced or older community members. Young people should have an equal say/equal vote on community issues.

Apart from anything you are mostly engaging the youth of the next generation with the local community:

The advantages of involving young people on board come included with :

– An injection of energy and to push the group.

– A great level to adapt with change and mew technologies.

– A bridge to the next genration of community leaders.

– Access to experties and new way to solve challenges concerning different issues.

– Access to new networks and growth among the commuity organisations.


Community development is facilitated by the ability of local people to mobilize resources to address local needs. Youth are in a position to be among the stable and long term contributors that help guide this process. Youth represent a vast and often untapped resource for immediate and long-term community development efforts. They also provide an invaluable resource for program planning and effective evaluation. As youth are brought into and connected with organizations and civic roles that they have traditionally been excluded from, they can participate in active and equal decision-making at multiple levels. As youth engage in more sustained positive relationships with adults, other youth, and community organizations, they will learn that they are valued citizens of their communities. Such collaborations will lead to skill enhancement and confidence building traits, which will help prepare them for navigating toward adulthood.

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