Climate Change Conference At The Multemedia University


The national Youth Conference on Climate Change that began on the 2nd November 2011 at the Multimedia University started with registration of participants as they were checking in ready to go.
I came in at about 10am the 2nd day feeling abit confused where to put my luggage but thanks for good communication from one of our team leaders who got me soughted pap! I had only settled for a few minutes when the time keeper reminded us that it was time for our tea break. There was a deep sigh of relieve for i was very angry and really waiting for that moment. After we had taken our breakfast we proceeded to the conference hall, everything was calm but things began getting big and better when it was time to get insights from the panelists as well as the audience. First we had the 2 panelists presenting about climate change, which was applauded by all to be as presentations well done; why should we care about climate change? Can we make a difference? Are we ready? We need to be proactive in dealing with issues that concern our environment so that we can reduce the effects of climate change, here are some of the things YOU can do; replace your lighting system with energy saving bulbs, drive less or use public transport, try as much as you can to recycle at least half of what you use at home, use less hot water, avoid products with a lot of packaging and above all be part of the solution and not the problem. From what attendants gathered, it was crystal clear that if we can be able to do the above and even more, if we could share information, talk about and against climate change with our fellow youth and initiate projects that seek to save our biodiversity, we will be well placed in reducing co2 emission by a huge percentage. Time is now! Let’s act then for we have faith in our brothers and sisters devoted to work together to this course.
During the question and answer time, questions focusing on pertinent issues as regards climate change were raised and in their responses the panelists stressed on the need to work together to help rally our troops during policy making so that we can have good policies (practical ones) on renewable energy sources, plastic bags menace among other related fields even as we seek alternative ways of reducing/combating climate change that is/has been the topic world over attracting different views and position of countries.
In the end I learnt that media is sometimes to blame e.g a couple of months ago, farmers from the Rift wanted to sue the Metrological department for giving them false information about when to expect rains. This was entirely ballooned up by the media for, from what the evening presenter shared, they reported from a point of no information, no research had been carried out thus it is the one to blame.
We therefore need;
• Media houses that can balance its programs like giving climate change issues airplay.
• We have to develop an interest in writing and reading, give your opinion and share the climate change stories with the world. We are not getting the African stories taught and heard. We are not getting good contend on Climate change from the media but we can work towards generating the content.
Just before we were to rap-up the business for the day, we had to celebrate a birthday for one of us; Hellen from Norway. The Luyhans in the house were invited to sing and dance for her after which we had song from her fellow Norwegians that I enjoyed listening to but never understood what it meant but to top it all up, there was this good Kenyan friend of mine in this Norwegian team claiming that he is also a from Norway (half-cast per say) hahahaaa! I must say he really made some to at least afford to put a smile on their faces.
I will leave you with this “We came in Nairobi on our bicycles, (cyclists for environment/climate change) and everywhere we were the media people were following us, they were talking to us and I personally had a chance to be interviewed live by them?” one of the cyclists recounting his fast experience with the Media”. It is indeed true that climate change can present us with lots of opportunities. ACT. The Ymca team on board will keep you posted.

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I am a motivated community leader living and working in the Kibera slum. The power of information exchange can change Kibera and bring about unity of purpose.
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