Heavy Rains

In the past month or so there have been rains not only in Kibera but also Kenya at-large. The weather which has been described by many as a bad one has been going on for sometime and a lot has happened.

Focusing on Kibera a number of houses have been demolished due to the houses been poorly build. Many houses in Kibera are build with mud and iron sheets. When it rains heavily the houses which are mostly affected are those near the river or drainage streams.


The rains causes the business around to be closed early due to lack of customers and for fear the rains will not stop until the late hours of the night. These has really affected the people with businesses.

The rains has also exposed the dweller to electricity danger. This is caused by the wires which pass on the grounds been exposed or cut. This is dangerous as the wires became so exposed that they start smoking from the ground and can electrocute someone who steps on it. With the wires so exposed it affects the electricity passing in it and causes power failure. Many businesses such as Video shows, Kinyozis and Salons just to mention but a few around Kibera rely on electricity to keep them running are affected very much.


With the government having have put into place the drainage pipes in some parts of Kibera, they should be opened to pass water during these situations we have heavy rains. They can be of much help to the usual glowing water and help in reducing mud in some roads which became impassable during rainy seasons.

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