The Nairobi Southern Bypass through Kibera.


With the Nairobi Southern Bypass ready to commence, Service providers and utility providers have been requested to relocate and pave way for the project. These has also affected the residents of Kibera in one way or the other.

Demolition of houses to pave way for the road.

Just two weeks ago the DC and the Administrative police visited Raila village. They were there to mark houses which would be demolished to pave way for the long awaited Nairobi Southern Bypass. With companies like the Kenya Power and Lightening Company, Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company and service providers the likes of Safaricom and Airtel being directed to move or relocate their facilities, Kibera residents who had constructed near the road could never have been left out.

The residents who had build or had businesses near the Raila Village road were told to relocate on the 27th June. The Nairobi southern bypass is meant to de-congest the city. The study made by the government included other bypasses including the almost completed Eastern and Northern bypasses and the Thika superhighway.

Compensation of the demolished houses by the Government.

The bypass will stretch from Mombasa Road Ole Sereni hotel to Langata road through the Nairobi national park and moves through Kibera and Karen to join Nakuru highway at Rironi near Limuru.

With this plan in place the Government has already negotiated preparations to compensate the Kenya wildlife service for allowing the southern bypass road to cut through an arch of the Nairobi National park near wilson airport.Given that it is an arch the reparation will be used to procure additional land for the National park to promote its ecological sustainability.

And now the question arises.

What about the Kibera residents whose houses are ready to be demolished?

Will the government come up with another act like of the national park and compensate the people whose houses have been demolished?

Will the government give the people another land given that it has taken from them what they used to call home?

These are questions which are yet to be answered given that the residents of Raila Village in Kibera came out two days after their houses had been marked for demolition and demanded compensation from the government of Kenya.

Provision of jobs to the residents of Kibera.

According to Kenya urban roads association the China Road and Bridge Construction Company has been awarded the contract of KES. 17.2 billion to build the dual carriageway. With these underway the Kibera residents want to get jobs from one of this Vision 2030’s bypass project.

According to one of the resident the government jobs are mostly done using corruption hence favouring some elite tribes and leaving others in the dark. Yesterday the 9th of July 2012 there was a peaceful demonstration at the Raila Village were villagers wanted to get jobs from the Nairobi Southern Bypass project.

The residents of Kibera do not expect anything short from the 30-36 months which is required to finish the Nairobi southern Bypass, they see opportunities and for sure a way to put food on their tables.

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