KIBRA: Women voters miss in IEBC’s manual register

Women voters were turned away this morning without voting in Langatta and Kibra constituencies because their names are missing in the IEBC’s manual register.

Lack of Electricity at Raila Educational Centre led to the officers use a kerosene lantern.

Lack of Electricity at Raila Educational Centre led to the officers use a kerosene lantern.

Between 6:00am and 8:00am, more than twenty women had already been turned away without   voting at the District Commissioner’s grounds polling station alone. Among those who had were turned away was Map Kibera Trust SMS reporter Mildred Anekeya, whose name missed in the manual register. She complained and persisted for more than 7 hours, later her name was found in the BVR register and she was allowed to vote at 12:02pm.

The same was experience at YMCA polling station.

BVR kits failed to operate in most polling stations, forcing IEBC officials to use the manual register.

BVR kits failed to operate at OLYMPIC, YMCA, Ayany, KAG Olympic, DC’s grounds, Soweto Resource Centre among other polling stations, forcing the polling officials to use the manual register.

The BVR kits failure to work well slowed down the pace of the voting exercise, leading to many voters’ frustration and complaints.

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Douglas Namale is the founder of Community Media in Kibera, Managing editor of Mtaani Insight ( and a Mapper at Map Kibera Trust. He is a former managing editor of Kibera Journal ( and an ICT literacy activist particularly among the youth in the slums and rural areas. He is also a facilitator in Community Media, good governance, active citizenship, Open space technology, Access to information and Freedom of expression. He has presented his work in different global platforms including, ICT4D 2010 in London, Broadcast and Film Africa Conference in Nairobi in 2011 among others. He believes an informed citizen is an empowered society. I strongly believe the ICT tools and citizen journalism will form part of 3rd liberalization in Kenya.
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