By tomorrow they should have the results, hopefully.

In 2007, things began to go wrong because the end result came late: the counting of electoral ended three days after the vote. And not only that.

2007 Kenya Elections, BBC

2007 Kenya Elections, BBC

What triggered off the first violence was an act that shocked the population completely. In the afternoon of the third day electricity went off across the country for about an hour and when it came back, Mwai Kibaki, who was a little bit behind in the total votes counted compared to his rival Raila Odinga, had toppled Raila with votes, hence the riots that broke out first in the slums of the capital, and then spread in the city and finally in the villages.


However, under the new constitution, this elections will elect the president, senators, members of parliament, county governors who will be presidents of 47 county governments, women representatives, county representatives in office

Yesterday, Monday, March 4th, news about the killing of nine police officers during the previous night arrived in Nairobi early morning, from Mombasa at the hands of a terrorist group armed with a machete.

The attacks continued in different area of ​​the coastal town, killing ten members of the police commandos and three residents in Kilifi and Kwale, in ​​Mombasa’s area.

Odinga and Kenyatta

Odinga and Kenyatta

Now the situation seems calm, but contingent troops of the Kenya Defence Forces have been placed throughout the coastal area to provide security to the residents. From Nairobi came a reinforcement of 400 police officers, with orders to shoot any person attempting to launch an attack to the police or civilians.

As the Daily Nation said, the attacks have been attributed to Mombasa Republican Council (MRC), a group that opposes the election and claims from time to secede the region.

Yesterday afternoon, around 6pm only two of eight presidential candidates have achieved something important: Uhuru Kenyatta was 56.9% and 40.7%, Raila Odinga.

At the moment Uhuru Kenyatta, accused of crimes against humanity for instigating the violence during the last election,  is still ahead of Odinga, with 54% of the vote compared to 42% of his opponent, but people are already celebrating the streets.

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