Brutal murder is currently on the rise, there has been numerous cases of people killing each other, a good example is Kelvin Akal, a 24 year old Kisumu resident who murdered his 70 year old grandmother Jane Anyango on 5th April 2021 monday afternoon at Kisumu Nyalenda slum

Even before dust settled, there was another murder case. A police officer, Hillary Mutyambai, attached to CS Fred Matiangi’s office, shot and killed his wife Pauline Wakasa, then turned the gun on himself.

A recent story done by KNN reveals that, love and religious neglect is the cause of some of these murders. ” A man finds another man in his girlfriend’s house, that’s how murder happens” says Hamisi Mohammed. Poverty and depression are also believed to be the main causes of such murders. (
Back home in Kibra, Gatwekera, in the month of march 2021, a man murders his wife by chopping out her private part using a machete leaving her in a critical condition and escape, just later to be found dead in the house by the neighbors who said that they were used to seeing the husband and wife having conflict almost everyday. It’s hard nowadays to relax watching news, being that, the first thing we see is, “BREAKING NEWS” of murder cases in each seconds, minutes, hours that passes by, and this, has to STOP!. It’s high time we go back to our humanity culture, where we used to be our brother’s keeper and to stop the mentality of so called “Human Being” and to embrace the mentality of “Being Human”.
Problems only get solved when people stop ignoring them, we tend to ignore the red flag that we come across either in the relationships or in the family issues. The best way to change our community and to save innocent souls away from murder cases is by identifying our problems and devoting our power and energy to finding the best solutions.

Author: Evelyne Awuor

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