Poverty is the daily and familiar song that is sang by people living below average/under a dollar a day.

The word poverty is defined differently,from one person,community or party to  another  based on their geographical positions and the environment in which they have been brought up.As one would say, lack of basic commodities on daily life that will push one to the next level of life!

Some people argue that poverty is a choice within an individual or individuals,whereas others say its a curse from God (in some African communities).

Why are some people rich and others poor? Are they special than others!Is God  fair?If Some people work smart and have made it in life,does it mean those who work hard,God didn’t give them brains to think and work smart? What is in them that  God did not give to others and why?

Others argue that,if all were equal,no one would appreciate one another and work for them,or offer them different services needed! Who knows!

The arguments are endless!

As one wakes up in the morning, in different streets of Kibera,you are likely to meet a large number of people going  to different directions of their work places,just to make ends meet.The able ones use matatus to their workplaces.There are those employed on permanent basis while others  temporary.And there are those professional job seekers who have to walk from one office to the other inquiring for job favors!

The high rate of unemployment ,with the rise of the inflation rate to about 16% is making it even unbearable.The prices of basic commodities are rising while the monthly income remains constant.This however affects different areas of life and people tend to be one sided in their decisions.Some of the areas that are least given concentration are health and education.You need good health in order to undertake learning smoothly hence bring change to your life and your surrounding.

Poverty has denied the bright and the potential to access education at high levels,There is a great potential but because people lack exposure to enhance and nurture their capabilities,they end up down on the ground.

In some western countries people or companies who have millions in their accounts,give back to the community or individuals by offering them opportunities to learn or basically opening up ideas with the community that will bring growth to the people.Here,people would rather die  and leave  billions in their accounts than help the poor and the potential!

There is a big gap between the poor and the rich,and this has brought about discrimination among the two classes of life.The rich don’t associate with the poor  anymore,The poor seems to be nobody to them!

Most of the rich people take advantage of the poor to dominate most of the things. The rich would easily get their children/relatives to big office jobs,not because they are qualified but because they have money power to bribe,leaving the poor and qualified.Why does  some companies struggle to make it?How would you expect a company to deliver with unqualified leader (s)?

As it is,no one chooses where,how and when to be born,and therefore we ought to treat others as we would wish to be treated back.



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