Insecurity in Kibera

Just a month ago, Police hunted down and killed a gang of thieves in two occasions. They were all youth and were killed for stealing property from the public.

Insecurity is one of things that has been on the lips of many around Kibera for more than a decade now. People are robbed day and night with guns, knives and machetes. Has the government failed to protect its people? Has it tried to bring security to one of the biggest slums and came out unsuccessful? These are the questions likely to crop up whenever the incidents concerning insecurity occur.

You will find out that most of the thieves are between the age of 18 to 26 years old meaning that these are youths who have just completed their secondary education and are idle thus they want to by all means use force to get to survive in this harsh conditions.

The main cause for the insecurity is lack of employment among the youth who have completed their secondary or any higher education. With the living standards rising everyday this causes them to engage in unnatural behavior like stealing and other violent activities in the community.

Mary Atieno a resident in Laini-Sabawhen asked, says, “It is very dangerous to pass through some hot-spots in the area due to fear of being robbed after 7pm in the evenings.” Security lights which were put in some areas have spoiled due to bad maintenance hence encouraging/attracting crime in those spots.

The Kenyan government should urgently address the issue of insecurity by repairing the spoiled security lights in order to light the hot-spots in certain areas. They Should also try to provide jobs for the youth who are not employed to reduce cases of theft and other sort of violence brought forth by idleness.

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