In the last two months on our often  and timely updates, Voice of Kibera team has been been able to participate and done a number of things.

In the months of,September and October,the following have been achieved!

We have had  sixteen  meetings in total, as a team.The meetings are categorized into two; blog training meetings and trainings every Tuedays, from 9.30 AM, and the general meetings,which takes place every Thursdays’ from 2PM.

Sixty six (66) general  web reports have been submitted to the  Platform and, we have had fourteen blog posts,pertaining different  issues.

Besides these activities, part of the team have been  involved in extra activities. Two members from the team,represented the team and did a presentation at the multimedia university, the theme was “New strategies for building peace in East Africa”. Voice of Kibera was seen as a  tool for conveying early warning signs and prevention of future related cases of violence.

The team has also been able to do several interviews to several people and organizations, including the  HIVOS, about what we are doing and the expected impact to the community.

Among the several reports and blogs sent, few of them have had a big impact to the community. These being the blog post about ‘Turning Bottles to solar bulbs’. This blog is about soda and water bottles dumped and scattered everywhere and which lay great danger to the environment. But the residents have a new idea to make use of the waste and make cheap, efficient and environmental friendly solar bulbs.

The stories goes on to show the change made by the solar bulbs by displaying pictures of a room in Kibera which uses these bulbs. As the world strive to go green Kibera is leading by an example and a number of schools and homes have benefited from these unique solar bulbs which have no extra costs after installations.

As it is said ‘Creativity is the mother of Invention’, the Voice of Kibera Team and the entire community of Kibera send thanks to Kosmos Solutions International and Youths from Kibera Community Youth Programme who collaborated to come with such a master piece of work and achievement.

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