The word “drugs” means all street drugs, prescription drugs found in homes or that can be purchased illegally, non-prescription drugs, household products such as inhalants, drug substances, tobacco, and alcohol.

Drug abuse and  addiction is a common phenomenon across the globe.as much as they are illegal,one fails to understand how they get to the the hands of the users.

The high rate of unemployment ,means lots of idling,its even more worse,when a big percentage of the residents are  illiterate.Peer influence and bad company takes advantage of the situation hence manipulating the  seemingly uncivilized minds,hence the magnitude grows high.

There are a number of reasons that leads to drug abuse,and the most affected are the youth, those fresh from school who mingle with those already done with schooling and even those who didn’t  make it to school.

It will be therefore abnormal,to find an area prone to such cases of drugs,free of HIV AIDS,and early pregnancy and school drop outs.

Lack of money to buy the drugs leads to theft,hence insecurity to the community.When this young men  lack money to meet their needs,they tend to form small gang groups ,invade people,stealing from them.Many are killed  by police but the groups never cease.

Lack of parental mentorship and good upbringing plays a major role in exposing them to drug abuse.Some children just find themselves in their own world,without either of the parents or any family to depend on.Most of them  become  hopeless and leave a life of their own,abusing their freedom.

The use of drugs cause more harm than good to the user. for example, a number of people have lost their life and eyesight due to consumption of illicit brew,that is brewed by dangerous chemicals.

The alarming rates of alcohol abuse in several parts of the country might be declared a national disaster to step up the fight against the vice and reverse and the  damage it inflicts on the youth.This is the information revealed by the  National Agency for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse(NACADA)

The impact of alcohol abuse in the country especially in the marginalized areas is no longer a minor issue,some serious action need to bet taken,the laws we have seem not to work,depite an alcoholic drinks Control act that was passed recently by parliament.

Maybe,there should be a rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug  abuse treatment.

To prevent future drug abuse problems to the generation to come,depends on how today’s’ children are reared.


•It is important to note that Teenagers do not grow in isolation: they are influenced by all that happens around them and this begins at an early age.
•Among the most important influences are: Parents, caregivers and family
•Other influences include: Genetics, imitation or modeling of behaviours of adults, TV stars, celebrities; and others  arising from their perception and experiences/ social environment

“As search you need to be prevention-smart: Be the person you want your children to grow up to be.”

Do you know the facts about alcohol and teenagers?

•One of the first drugs your teenager is most likely to try is alcohol
•Yes, alcohol is a drug – not just a harmless substance
•Your teenager will likely get his first alcohol from an adult
•If your adolescent is like most, the first use of alcohol is likely to happen between the ages of 12-15 years
•Teenagers (and adults) can die from alcohol poisoning, even if they are not addicted.

It important therefore for parents to role model responsible drinking: This means not getting drunk in front of children, and not appearing that you need to drink everyday

what to do in case of Drug abuse among the teenagers;

•Parents need to talk to children about their drug use
•Children who start using drugs at an early age are more likely to continue using, use more potent drugs, and to develop problems with their drug use
•Recognizing your own uncomfortable feelings about your child may actually help you understand some of what your child may be thinking when you have this conversation
•Remember that youth rely on parents or caregivers to keep them safe, even when their behavior suggests they don’t need you for that anymore
Combating drug abuse is not an easy task,it is however totally not impossible


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