We Have Faith Caravan on The Move

Chitimba camp is in Malawi a country with 3 regions; The South, North and Central regions who all speak the Chichewa language while the South speaks Lomwe, Yao; Central maintains Chichewa and North speaks Tumbuga language.
It was about 7pm when we got at the camp with lots of expectations at hand, a nice place to pitch the tents, at least Wi-Fi for browsing and posting what we are doing and bath rooms that will accommodate everyone on the buses . This was not fully met even though it was an experience worth going through.
The morning came and we had to park and leave again so we could have a mini concert on the way mainly for helping us collect signatures in Malawi. Though not very many people were at Katoto Freedom Park in Zuzu city, we managed to go out of the way to get the petitions signed. After the whole exercise, we proceeded on with our journey for a while and stopped to have lunch on our way. I had left my bus no. 1 for bus no.3 so i was new here just trying to figure out what was on their menu, who was responsible for washing utensils afterwards, i enjoyed being in the company of guys on this bus though.
We did a bit of shopping at the local shop for drinks and we were ready to go. On our way, it was horrifying to see leave alone to talk about what we saw; a huge part of Chigangwa forest reduced to ashes, other trees cut and uprooted because the workers claimed they had not been paid their salaries so the solution according to them was to destroy the forest. Were this workers really aware of the adverse effects of climate change? Did they try to explore other ways to get the problem solved? Was burning the forest which attracts rainfall, acts as carbon sink for the already heavily polluted environment such a bold step to take? who will answer all this questions? who is responsible for this mess? is it Maliwi government ? or the workers or the people of Malawi?

Despite the experience of the forest being destroyed, we had a lot of fun in bus no.3 where we had a lot of music and dancing as the driver did what he knew best. It was not too long before we arrived at our next camp; Mabuyu in Lilongwe the Capital city of Malawi. I had to wait for my bus no.1 to arrive so i could take my tent and pitch it. Mabuyu is a nice place to be especially for me because we had a swimming pool which i could use to learn swimming for i was told i could never learn it in ocean/sea waters but too bad i did not have the time to do so instead i chose to make use of internet but not for too long before my laptop failed to connect forcing me to go and sleep even though i had not completed my work.The following day we had a big concert In Civo Stadium.

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I am a motivated community leader living and working in the Kibera slum. The power of information exchange can change Kibera and bring about unity of purpose.
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