Global Voices Visit to Map Kibera Trust.

The global voices summit will be happening in a matter of hours from now “Monday and Tuesday in Westlands” and many bloggers will be gathering to discuss issues or best practices when it comes to blogging.
Due to this summit some of the participants who are already in the country were dying to visit Map Kibera trust and get to know in detail what we really do.
Just slightly after 2pm we had the owner of welcoming them to our office on Karanja road and one could easily tell their jubilation from the look on their faces.

Without much a do, we went straight into the business of the day.
Introductions and welcome note from Milly-The coordinator of the mapping team to the presentation done by Maureen about Mapping to Joshua who did the Kibera news network and finally Sande who did the voice of Kibera one, concentration was the vocabulary of the time for no one wanted to be left out on any of the details that were being conveyed to them.
To prove the level of concentration the room was the daring questions asked from the audience which really made me realize that we do have something in common for their questions were very strategic and one can only hope  that there is going to be a wonderful relationship between Global Voices and Map Kibera Trust.

After the presentations everyone was grouped up according to the themes they were interested in reporting on as part of their field work; Educational projects, Women and HIV, Digital Literacy in Kibera, Election preparedness and the initiatives working to make sure that there is harmony before, during and after the elections slated for March 2013
We will have them compile what they found in the field and post them on the respective platforms for your consumption.

About Sande Wycliffe

I am a motivated community leader living and working in the Kibera slum. The power of information exchange can change Kibera and bring about unity of purpose.
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  1. Lully says:

    It was really a pleasure to share with you and know of its activities and its people..
    A warm hug from Colombia!

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