The Dream of the year 2012

On the dawn of 23rd December 2011 I had My Dream of The Year 2011 but this one comes four days earlier, I don’t know why.  The world has been presumed to end on Friday the 21st this year two days from now and if this is something to go by then I hand over every reason to Mother Nature. I have had a couple of dreams this year but there is a fact about dreams and going by a recent study; that a normal man can have up to seven different dreams a single night but can wake up the following morning not to recall any of them completely. But this dream I had almost at the dawn of this day the 19th of December 2012 will go along in mind for the rest of my life. The only difference between this dream and the previous ones is the fact that after meditating upon it, leaves me with a message that I believe is going to turn my world around.

The dream: I was at a neighbors homestead in Kibera slums that I assume I had passed by or merely gone to visit, on my way home. I was amazed at how they were practicing some poultry farming in their small home and had a very good number of ducks and chicken well protected in a temporary structure. I could visualize the number of eggs that they were harvesting and the amount of profit they most probably had been making at that time.
On my way home I had the notion to introduce that kind of an idea to my family and I was so excited. On reaching home I was astonished after I discovered that my home had a taken a different look and something almost similar to what I saw in my neighborhood was going on! There were structures that were meant for chicken rearing and a few of the chicken already in place although not as many as those in the neighborhood but I had the feeling that that was a good start.

While taking a walk across the compound, I was noticing some enormous changes in it and some of the land that was grabbed and built on during the 2007-2008 post election aggression by the enemies then had already been returned to us. The unfamiliar houses were demolished and my mother was trying to put a bamboo fence across the boundary, trying to bring back the shape of the homestead almost similar to what it used to be. I was so amazed.
There was also a very huge water tank raised a few meters high the ground on the compound that was supplying the area with enough water but it was owned by one of the culprits who had stormed into the foreign land. His house did not exist anymore and when I asked why, my mum told me that he had disappeared under unclear circumstances. My mum was then trying to find a way to fix our own tank. I missed this home and the feel to be home again was overwhelming, but something was still eating up my mind and that was where I had been all that time that the native home was taking back to its original shape. I even had thought of asking my mum a simple question like where I was the previous day, but she wasn’t next to me at that moment. I was beginning to get a bit confused! But an answer inside my mind told me; that all that time of change I must have been in the dream land. No sooner had I thought of having been in the dream land than I turned my body only to find myself on my current bed! So the joy of being at home again with my family was all but a Dream? I could not resist a tear drop. I was so grieved because first I woke up before the dream was over and second I wish it gave me a chance to meet my dad and siblings too and third; I miss the joy, the fun, the pets, the poultry and the family bond that was brought about by the family while staying together and more so the initial home.

Joe Gathecha KNN

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