One may argue that Kenya is prepared for a run off in the election. Financially? Yes, I think the IEBC may or can handle the do over of the election, but this is the question is Kenya as a nation ready for this?

It is only days away to the election and report released by the KNHRC commission shows that business are closing down or reducing their stocks to avoid losses that come with political violence, this is a threat to the national economy. We risk another recession in the near feature considering the tension and anxiety that comes with election, this has resulted to a massive exodus of people from the places they live to their rural home where they feel safe in the comfort of their tribes men. There are all indication of citizens not contended with their national security or with the national healing and reconciliation process. With 95% of our economy financed by Kenyans this posses a real threat to our country GDP growing rate which with every election year has been dropping . This post a great threat to the common Mwananchi who in case of a runoff has to again live in tension for the next 30 days, with fears of the unknown with a staggering economy where the labor output is almost running at zero % due to the national working days being reduced to pave way for the election and to give people a chance to vote. All we as a nation can hope for or pray for are peaceful election. Who ever win the election will be my president because am a Kenyan. MAY GOD BLESS KENYA.

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