Security Measures Surprise Many in Kibera

It is correct to regard Kibera as one of the safest places on earth, with the number of police officers seen patrolling the streets, you could have thought there was a riot or the president was visiting. There was a contingent of over twenty armed police officer patrolling over Kamkunji slum and over fifty officers patrolling Olympic area and stage. This were only the uniformed police, who an ordinary civilian like me could spot, but as far as the security of the independent Inspector General of Kenya police Mr. David Kimaiyo is concern we suspect amongst us there were also plain cloths officers.

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The chief camp of Olympic is always the idling spot of some of the remnant of the illegal group siafu that for the past years has been collecting enforced taxes on business owners and even community members who were found repairing their homes. In literal terms it is correct to say this group own most of the activities in and around Kibera. But today it was a different story even they themselves were nowhere to be seen, the street was swept clean of any idlers, only passerby were allowed on the street.

That was only before Mr. Kimaiyo himself arrived, his arrival sent a shock wave of excitement over Olympic for an entourage of over thirty Mercedes Benz and three Land Rovers all full with police from all department came in and put all activities at a standstill for even the public service vehicles were forced to pack away from the road. There were the General Service unit (GSU), the CID, the Kenya Police and some other department that even I could not tell from the way the cars were been driven. This was part of the security measures that were set up for the arrival of Kimaiyo; the sole aim of the visit was to warn the resident of Kibera over any form of violence during and after election.

This was an encouraging move from the general, for it made common mwananchi like me assured of my security considering Kibera has been over the past election a hot spot and starting point of all the country wide mass action and demonstration. This move has proven that the 99 000 police officers sent to monitor election are ready to stop any form of irregularities and violence over this period. We are glad to see Kenya take a step to the right direction in term of civilian security during and after the election.

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