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On Monday 4th March, people of Kenya came out to vote, this was not just voting like any other but it was more of a historical election, being the first one under our hardly fought for “ the new constitution” and also under the new reforms in the police department, judicial reforms, and also the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission( IEBC) which most Kenyans have so much faith in after conducting two successive successful elections during referendum and by elections in Kajiado North and Dhiwa constituency. But after the challenges they have had in delivering the results, which were expected in a span of 48 hrs but failed has left people in great distrust on whether the process is still fare or not.

by Joe Gathecha KNN

The following posts are as a reaction of the facebook users; it was between 1500 GMT and 1710 GMT. According to IEBC Uhuru was leading on 5,159,344 votes and was followed closely by his main challenger Raila on 4,516,660 votes.

Shared Vitalis Ougur’s

I rest my case for these elections. To my fellow CORD supporters lets embrace peace. Let’s get back to our normal work and in order to improve the Economy of the Country. For me whether the result has been tampered with or not is not a point of discussion at the moment. Kenya is great than any individual.


  Benjamin Heavens’s status
Raila Amollo Odinga I am honored to have been alive to see you and your leadership..u r an inspiration to me personally…Thank u for the selfless service you have given to this ungrateful nation of tribalism and vengeance seekers and impunity and corruption..Kenya was and is truly blessed to have you as a leader. And yet I remember one time a very long time ago when the people of Israel were asked to choose between a thief and God the creator they condemn God the righteous one to death and chose the thief..I am in no way implying that Kenya had a choice between a thief n God but to me it’s a case of what is right against what is wrong….You sir will always be my president of choice no matter who they choose…I will never 4get the years u spent in detention, the pain u endured as u were disrespected in government, the abuses they hurled at u n the false accusations they have leveled against u these never stopped u from fighting for your country without fear or favor….I will remain loyal to my country n whoever they choose but my heart is far from them because they have shown us their true nature. This country may yet have to wait for years to find a leader as charismatic and fun as you r. May God bless you RAO whether u win this election or not., thank u Mr. President for fighting for us.
Top of Form

Collins Otieo’s shared image.

Look at this IEBC graph well, and tell me if Uhuru’s votes don’t follow the same pattern as those I’d Raila. External software was at play here. It looks so coordinated. We have a big problem folks.


True fans and followers of gor mahia the mighty mayienga kogalo team mapek’s status

Lawyer Oraro, lawyer Mutula, Lawyer Orengo are heading to Supreme Court now to stop the counting.
Kuna places watu wame (people have) registerd 60000 but tallying ni (is) 120000, hawa wengine wame toka wapi? (Where have the rest come from?) WTF!!!!!!
Gathecha Brenda’s status

IEBC taken to court ati (that) tallying isimamishwe (to be stopped)…….

Total madness!!!

How can u go to court na haujashindwa (and you have not conceded)????

For how long are u gonna hold kenyans hostage?????

Kutoka sunday kazi tumefunga (from Sunday we stopped working).

Yvonne Tiany Map Kibera’s status

Where are people going I thought they said its safe?

Richard Kemoi’s status

As I said the legal opinion given below is free of charge. The matter of Article 138 (4) (a) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010
And the matter of the Elections Act,2011 and The Elections General Regulations 2012.

The law on whether “all votes cast” includes rejected and/or spoilt votes is a matter that requires consideration of the ALL the provisions of the Constitution and the stipulations of the enabling legislation relating to this election as a whole.

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