Security lapse in Kibera worrying

Laini Saba District Officer Mr. Hezbone Khayeti spent the better part of the day, today in a closed door meeting together with political and opinion leaders from different ethnic communities to discuss the brewing tension in Kibera. The tension is said to be caused by delayed presidential results.

GSU police officers at in Olympic estate, Kibera recently

GSU police officers at in Olympic estate, Kibera recently

Voice of Kibera team contacted Administration Police Inspector at Nyayo High-rise District Officer’s camp, and his response was, nothing is going. He provided us with his golf course counterpart Inspector Zadock’s contacts; again he didn’t have a glimpse of what was going on.

Today in the morning, tension was reported in the eastern and western parts of Kibera.  The two security officials did not know what was happening. Our team contacted three village elders in these regions; they all confirmed the growing tension, saying political elders were meeting to quell the situation.

Security agencies in Langatta district seems lack intelligence information over what is going on in the streets. The information disconnect is a concern over the ability of security personnel to pacify insecurity in Kibera.

Two weeks before March 4th, grapevine was, “gangs were regrouping”. Machetes were spotted headed in the central and eastern parts of Kibera. Inspector General of police issued an alarm over the matter, but no arrests. Nobody knows where the machetes are though they claim security in Kibera is intact.

Tuesday this week, political demonstration outside Mbagathi road primary, next to Kenyatta market was spotted by a Voice of Kibera reporter. When we contact two key police commanders in the area they were not aware.

Laini Saba District Officer Mr. Hezbone Khayeti says four AK47 guns and more than sixteen pistols are in the wrong hands within the division. Two people were shot and injured in Soweto east two weeks ago, one on the right foot and another on the stomach. The two are still nursing wounds at Nairobi hospital.

A photo identified in Soweto east today in the morning

A photo identified in Soweto east today in the morning

Sarangombe Assistant chief was robbed at gunpoint a month ago when walking to work at 9.30am. No arrest too. Soweto east village elder Joseph Maina says at least 12 robbery incidents are reported daily.

Ngumo stage, Laini Saba and Undugu playing grounds, Laini Saba market, Soweto east, Silanga and Laini Saba areas are said to be crime zones.  Organized gangs terrorize residents each day from different parts of Kibera. GSU police officers are on standby in the western parts of Kibera ready to respond to political security concerns in the area.

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