Its very unfortunate that this situation is getting out of hand and nothing is being done to salvage those who are hard hitten by this hunger and starvation for Gods sake.We must admit the fact and it should be declared that its a natural dissaster facing our continent Africa and kenya in particular
.This year season and the past seems to have had inadequate amount of rainfall or not enough at all. which leads to low level of agricultural productions and farm produce of food stuffs .As a result its leads to high cost of living and non affordale food consumption.One cant afford to buy enough food or even balanced diet to feed the family who are starving or malnutrition in the sense that every thing is to expensive.Its even rare to afford just even one meal a day just to push you for the next day.In some instances some end up starving for aday or two.with eating something or even just a glass of water you cant imagine how fellow human being is facing life,
The drought is claiming lives of our blessed people ,especially the elderly ,women and children in most part of the dry areas of the country. especially in the north-eastern parts of kenya and the neighbourig countries like Ethiopia Somalia,Sudan and Eritriea..It hIgh time now that the government need to do something to save the situation which is getting out of hand .If not, for the Humanitarian organizations that had to intervene so as to resque the situation, I think by now we would have been talking another thing all together a great number people lost lives .
More and more people are facing it rough not only in those hard hitten area but also here amongst us here in Kibera .Life has drastically change and prices have sky rocketed that one cant afford even proper meal or skips lunch to recover the supper with tea or bread,(chai ya rangi tost kavu )” black tea with dry bread ” to push that day my be tomorrow it be better ,No jobs minimal wage and remmember now how things ,to much expensive one cant afford Just imagine No food to eat ,no money to spend, maybe one has a family and no constant job what the hell. .
Things are getting harder day in day out but there is very little hope overcome for those who are mybe employed or has a business just to make ends meet ………..

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