Kibera People Living along the Sewer line face A Pending Demolition

Kibera residents living along the sewer line are facing another pending demolition soon by NEMA, a government body dealing with environmental issues.

They had actually been evicted before when the construction of the sewer line was being done a few years back but after the completion. They went back and constructed houses on top of the sewer line.
“they demolished our houses and afterwards told us to re-build them again. We have not even recovered the money we spent and here they are back again telling us that they’ll demolish the houses”, says one John Kasongi who has lived here all his life and even owns a structure.

They are now left to ponder in which direction they should take as far as moving away from the sewer line is concerned. And with many other evictions that have been witnessed in Kibera. Finding a house to live in has now become a headache that many eviction affected residents have had to deal with.
Mother Magrette, who is a spiritual leader, and runs a local church that offers religious support to some people in the area says she’ll be affected the most. Since she also has children in schools who are supported by the church as she doesn’t have anywhere else to turn to incase the demolitions were to happen right away.
“our Government is suppose to listen to our voices since were are the people it is taking care of”, she adds.
It is only a matter and the structures will all be brought down but the residents have some hope of a compensation before demolition.
“They should build us some houses somewhere and relocate us before our houses are demolished”, says one of the yet to be affected resident.

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