In Kibra youths have woken up, for they are the gift of nature but age is just an art of work. Recently youths are often more open to new ideas, and they like learning new skills and keeping the necessary information. The most interesting part is, they are sensitive and are susceptible to a lot of things happening around them. The energy around them shows that they are optimistic and not ready to give up and defeated no matter what comes on their way.
Young tusk, a Kibera based group that helps youths to eradicate poverty among them, is one of the successful group that has kept youths away from vices such as crime and are essential for building a bright future in the country.

“The most important thing is change and transition, if someone is ready to transit from one stage to another, why not? Every youth has a future and if you don’t make your future today, in future you’ll lose your future” says Morgan.
Our leaders today tend to think that the most challenges that the youth faces today are just materialistic things, but to my study have come to notice that most of our youths suffers from depression which is making them to live a fake lifestyle, they are challenges like an identity crisis:{WHO AM I?}, lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem:{I AM WORTHLESS}, A sense of hopelessness:{where am I going?}.To have more reform youth groups like young task not only in Kibera but in Kenya at large, the government needs to work together with the police and the local citizens in order for us to have a peaceful and friendly environment without having the feeling on the state of belonging in one’s country.

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