For the last two weeks, Kibera has seen tremendous progress in terms of empowerment in various aspects of life.

Two fundraising activities took place in Kibera; One themed; ‘access to education’ it was all about supporting of schooling of bright but needy students in the slum. This took place at mchanganyiko hall on the 12th of Aug.It was organized by the director of children foundation of Kibera, called Mr. Dan Okoth.

The other fundraising took place at mashimoni. Organized by a group of well-wishers from Cleveland city from the United States, It took place on 1st of Aug.The school which has more than four hundred students from within and outside Kibera will now be able to aces electricity and solar power in the school and this will ease the learning process, Thanks to the fundraising team.

There was a slum film festival in Kibera that lasted for six days, the reason was to train youth from the slums in Nairobi,( began in Kibera), on storytelling in video, the objective being to impart skills of video to tell a story in video form.

Tedx Kibera which was formed with an aim of sharing and discussing ideas as well as identifying new speakers from Kibera,had  a Tedx event  on 13th Aug  at  mchananyiko hall, themed; ‘Empowerment through art”, This saw artists   within  and out of Kibera, speak  on how to empower through art.

Flying kites Oasis programme will on the 20th of Aug hold huge live music festival at the DC’s social grounds. Children from five oasis member homes ,including one in Soweto west and silanga have been selected to participate in workshops led by Dashy krew and goodmakers street team, with the goal of fostering self empowerment ,creative expression and giving a voice to orphans and less fortunate in Nairobi.The festival will feature the locals artists namely: Jim gait, Daddy Owen, Emmy Kosgey,Eric Omondi  and children and youth leaving in children homes located in Kibera, kawangware and korogocho ,The event will kick off  from  1-5pm,entry is free.

Over the last two weeks, VOK has had three categories of meetings namely. Vok general meeting (two meetings), the blog meeting (two meetings) and the Organizational directory meeting (three meetings).Twenty four  24 reports have been submitted and four blog posts.

To contribute to this noble course of updating the Kibera community and the world at a large we need your support by way of submitting your comments/ideas, and submitting reports by either to this number  0738888830 or by web submission by going on the site Besides,you can share via our facebook fan page, To support in any other way of your choice, contact us through

Done by: Voice of Kibera Team


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