Content creation is currently a thriving industry that has seen the emergence of content creators from almost all corners of our country.
But being a content creator in Kibera comes with a number of challenges that the current players are doing their best to get through and succeed.
One of the main challenges that Kibera content creators face is the fact that they come from Kibera
“People stop taking you seriously when they realize that you come from Kibera as if they don’t expect anything good to come from Kibera,” says Mc Maulee, a comedian and parody artist.
The other struggle that the content creators face is finding a godfather to hold their hands and guide them in their journey, most of them are left to do trial and error which at times is difficult in an already competitive market.

Bosire, Comedian

Bosire, who comes from Kianda village in Kibera and apart from comedy, also doubles up as a gym instructor, has been among the lucky few who have been able to make a small breakthrough. He was able to land an advert with infinix, after being spotted for his viral contents on Whatsapp and Tiktok platforms.

Mc Maulee, Comedian & Parodi Maker

Mc Maulee is currently able to get a few local shows in Kibera and is looking forward to performing in even bigger stages nationally.
They both appeal to Kibera artists who have been able to make it, to come out and hold the hands of the up and rising content creators.

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In Kibra youths have woken up, for they are the gift of nature but age is just an art of work. Recently youths are often more open to new ideas, and they like learning new skills and keeping the necessary information. The most interesting part is, they are sensitive and are susceptible to a lot of things happening around them. The energy around them shows that they are optimistic and not ready to give up and defeated no matter what comes on their way.
Young tusk, a Kibera based group that helps youths to eradicate poverty among them, is one of the successful group that has kept youths away from vices such as crime and are essential for building a bright future in the country.

“The most important thing is change and transition, if someone is ready to transit from one stage to another, why not? Every youth has a future and if you don’t make your future today, in future you’ll lose your future” says Morgan.
Our leaders today tend to think that the most challenges that the youth faces today are just materialistic things, but to my study have come to notice that most of our youths suffers from depression which is making them to live a fake lifestyle, they are challenges like an identity crisis:{WHO AM I?}, lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem:{I AM WORTHLESS}, A sense of hopelessness:{where am I going?}.To have more reform youth groups like young task not only in Kibera but in Kenya at large, the government needs to work together with the police and the local citizens in order for us to have a peaceful and friendly environment without having the feeling on the state of belonging in one’s country.

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Youth Perish In Kibera Floods

The word flood reminds me of gushing waters and it all started just with a single drop, drizon turned into rain and rain turned into our biggest fear, “THE FLOOD” I believe water will be the defining crisis of our century from drought, storm, and floods to degrading water quality. On 14/5/2021 in kibra lindi the rain floods inside and washed away people’s homes, cleaning the dark slate the worst of all some lives were brushed away.

According to the residents of lindi, it is the second time they are experiencing the same case and the main reason for the tragedy is because of the blockage in the bridge that prevents the water to overflow hence causing the flood to happen.

Titus Mulwa and Stephen Oluoch bodaboda riders were two close friends that happened to lose their lives at the same time during the heavy rain while trying to save their motorbike that was stuck in the bridge but unfortunately instead they were the ones that fell into victims.

“I only came to know that have lost my son after picking him up so that I can take him to the mortuary” said Lucia Mutemi his father. Grief is painful, especially when it comes at unexpected time, no one can explain the kind of pain it endures until you put on the same shoes. “Oluoch was a good son He has never shouted at me” said Peris Adhiambo her grandmother
Unfortunately, a property is not going to knock at your door, you have to physically make time to search for it, and put in the effort to thoroughly sweat for it, however in life you need to take some degree of risk to make the greatest gain, and it is even more heartbreaking seeing what you worked hard for, being swept away in a flow of water, something needs to be done in order to prevent breaking news in our motherland home.

  • by Everlyne Awuor
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The Thrill, Drama and Chaos that defined The Bedroom Derby

The Thrill the Drama and chaos that was in the bedroom derby.
The much anticipated and hyped Kibra derby was back! After a year of no football in 2020 due to Covid 19 restrictions, fans and organizers could not help, but outdo all other sporting activities in the city on that day. Termed as bedroom derby, the game pitting Gogo boys and Kibra united, always promised thrill, Drama and chaos and as usual, it has never disappointed.

Seeing that the game had not been played for a while, the date 6th June was marked on every football fan calendar. Weeks of online promotion, banter and conversations saw fans engagement was too high and organizers of the event had to change venue a couple of times to focus on security crowd control and revenue generation for the home team.

What started as a rumour that fans will be charged 100 /= for entry, had set the stage for the first-ever printed Division 2 matchday tickets, which were totally sold out by 1pm on matchday. Fans had gone to various club offices and sale point but no ticket was found with rumours of over 2000 already sold out. At the gate, long queues of stranded fans, willing to pay cash were forming and at times the security was overpowered by those pushing to sneak in free.

With a full packed stadium, the game started a quarter to 4 pm on the nicely mowed lawn of Impala grounds. Both teams presented their star players with Gogo lining up with Obed and Roro while Kibra had Alolo and Oba. Fireworks were promised and that was exactly what was delivered. The first half had Gogo dominate the play, with Roro running the wings and Obed marshalling the midfield. A quick ball lobbed over the keeper set the pacy winger for a flick of the ball over the on-charging goalkeeper and headed home to an empty net, scoring the first goal on derby day. Gogo boys took the lead through Roro with a well-assisted ball from Obed.

After the break, the teams took off where they had left it. This time around it was Kibra united dominating play. Oba and Alolo were the Orchestras, with the talented Midfielder controlling the flow of the game while Oba was giving the defenders a run for their money. It wasn’t long before the ball was crossed from the right-wing after a nice dribble by Oba to be headed home by Aluong for the equalizer. The remainder of the game was a nail-biting affair but no more goals were scored sharing the spoils between the two teams.

As usual, the Kibra derby has always been a day for ‘Luku’ fresh and family day out. The fashion was on point the crowd was peaceful and the mood was festive. To the organizers thank you for a top-notch sporting event.

– Narrated By George Waweru, Pictures by Bencho Sports

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Student From Kibera Shines In KCSE

Kibera-born Student Allan Wasonga has become the second-best student overall in this year’s KSCE exams.
He scored 84 points, which is equivalent to grade A plain with a performance index of 87.17 from Agoro Sare high school in Oyugis, Homa bay county in western Kenya.
Speaking to KNN, who paid him a visit at their Kibera railway housing projects home, in Olympic, Allan attributed his success to hard work and endless studies amidst the challenges such as demolitions and political conflicts that come with living in the projects in Kibera.

He beat all odds, such as limited access to the study room, corona pandemic, and so many other challenges to make his parents, and his Kibera home proud.
His mother, Rose Auma, being a devoted Christian, shared her joy with KNN, thanking God for shining light on their home and making it possible for her son, Allan, to become one of the top students in the country.
“Even after the exams, my son Allan never let go of the book, he still spent his free time reading” she explains with a smile.
Allan Wasonga did his primary certificate exam in 2016 at Komarock Primary school in Kayole, where he scored 393 out of a possible 500 marks.
“I feel gratified and I feel very nice.. I realized that he was a boy with a lot of potentials and I had that extra eye on him” says Mr. Apando Julius, Allan’s class teacher who also acted as his mentor through his time at Agoro Sare High School.
Allan plans to venture into medicine and is looking forward to becoming a Neurosurgeon in the future.

  • Stephen ‘Banner’ Oduor
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Brutal murder is currently on the rise, there has been numerous cases of people killing each other, a good example is Kelvin Akal, a 24 year old Kisumu resident who murdered his 70 year old grandmother Jane Anyango on 5th April 2021 monday afternoon at Kisumu Nyalenda slum

Even before dust settled, there was another murder case. A police officer, Hillary Mutyambai, attached to CS Fred Matiangi’s office, shot and killed his wife Pauline Wakasa, then turned the gun on himself.

A recent story done by KNN reveals that, love and religious neglect is the cause of some of these murders. ” A man finds another man in his girlfriend’s house, that’s how murder happens” says Hamisi Mohammed. Poverty and depression are also believed to be the main causes of such murders. (
Back home in Kibra, Gatwekera, in the month of march 2021, a man murders his wife by chopping out her private part using a machete leaving her in a critical condition and escape, just later to be found dead in the house by the neighbors who said that they were used to seeing the husband and wife having conflict almost everyday. It’s hard nowadays to relax watching news, being that, the first thing we see is, “BREAKING NEWS” of murder cases in each seconds, minutes, hours that passes by, and this, has to STOP!. It’s high time we go back to our humanity culture, where we used to be our brother’s keeper and to stop the mentality of so called “Human Being” and to embrace the mentality of “Being Human”.
Problems only get solved when people stop ignoring them, we tend to ignore the red flag that we come across either in the relationships or in the family issues. The best way to change our community and to save innocent souls away from murder cases is by identifying our problems and devoting our power and energy to finding the best solutions.

Author: Evelyne Awuor

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Kibera Beauty Contest 2019

After several weeks on intense training on leadership, governance, personal branding, entrepreneurship, sexual reproductive health, and mental health, that attracted up to 25 contestants from around Kibera.

It was time to determine who becomes the Miss and Mr. Kibera 2019/2020 in an event organized by Amani Kibera in partnership with various like-minded organizations and held at Olympic bus terminus on 7th of December Saturday 2019.
It was a leadership contest whose themes were ‘Jitambulishe (Identify yourself), Jiongoze (find your focus), Jiinue (Lift yourself up).

Joyce Wanjiru clichéd the Miss Kibera title while her male counterpart Phabio Kimani won Mr. Kibera.
Kibra Mp Imran Okoth and Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris graced the occasion.

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Kibra Mp Ken Okoth dies at 41

Kibra MP Ken Okoth dies at Nairobi Hospital at 41, family says. He had been battling colorectal cancer.
He was hospitalized again after arriving from France where he was under medication.
The Kibra Mp is said to have been rushed to Nairobi Hospital on Thursday and moved to ICU on Friday after multiple organ failure.
He will be remembered for his slogan ‘Elimu Kwanza’ under which he worked to uplift education standards in the constituency.

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Poetry Against Extra-Judicial Killings in Kibera

Poetry and spoken word artists came together on Saturday 22nd June at an event in Kibera Town Centre to remember one Charlton Maina who was allegedly shot by police in Kibera on his way from watching a football match on the 22nd December 2018.

The first purpose of the event was to expose spoken word talents in an aim to popularize it as an agenda of poetry. The event was also used to speak out against illegal ownership of guns by youth and extra-judicial killings in our informal settlements’ communities. The Commonwealth Youth Counsel in charge of policy & advocacy youth chair, Nafula Wafula, was also present.
Speaking to Kibera News Network after the event, she explained how poetry and art in general can be used as a tool to fight for human rights and call out the vices that are spread in our society, through an example of their partnership with grassroots organisations.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if a large number of people who attended have actually lost someone to a bullet, for one reason or another”, said Nafula when she spoke to us.

       Poet Chief Kadif with Madam Nafula Wafula, The Commonwealth         Youth Counsel in charge of policy & advocacy youth chair, Nafula Wafula,

The event was also used to inform Kibera residents about the partnership between the event-sponsoring organisations and Chirchir Law Chambers.  Their effort is to provide free legal aid to those from Kibera who have any issues that they would like to get a legal support for.

Chirchir Law Chambers Representitives

The law firm also took the time to educate the residents on their rights especially when it comes to being arrested by the police. They took them through what the law says and how they should behave in such scenarios.

Most of the spoken word artists who performed, confessed to have composed their poems after someone they knew or a close relative fell victim to the bullet.

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8-year old Egypt-Bound Kibera poet, Hope Wambui, talks to KNN

Hope Wambui Ochieng, an 8-year old poet girl from Kibera who performed for the Kenyan President during the opening of the Nairobi International Trade Fair, is among the five selected young kids from Kenya who will accompany the Kenyan Football team to Egypt Africa Cup Of Nations. Kibera News Network got hold of her for an interview.

Hope Wambui recites her poem on ‘CORRUPTION’ to The Kenyan President

1. When and how did you start poetry?
I started poetry at 5 years old. I would go to mum and tell her, ‘I want to do poem but I’m a small child still’. So she assisted me on how to start writing the poems.

2. How did it feel to perform to the President?
I felt good going to where The President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta was. I did the poem and when he called me to greet him I felt so good.

3. Did someone help you? Who?
Yes, It’s mum who helped me. It was good to have mum writing for me the poems I did.

4. You have been selected to accompany the Kenyan National Football team, Harambee Stars to Egypt AFCON. What does that mean to you?
I was very happy and I would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me to be able to go to Egypt. I won and I will go during the quarter finals of AFCON.

5. How do your peers at school see you lately?
At school my fellow pupils tell me, ‘Congratulations, eh you did good’

6. Do you have any advice or messages for your peers?
If they are talented then they should not let their talents go to waste. They too should tell their mums to help them with their talents.

7. Do you see this poetry as a talent you would want to pursue in future?
Yes, I want to do it until I become an adult, I want to travel to Nigeria with it, to Tanzania and even America if I get the chance.

8. Who or what inspires you the most?
Our different leaders we have. I would want to meet them too, especially the Chinese President and even the American President.

9. What else would you want to say?
I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and even voted for me in different contests I have taken part in.

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