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We are heading for the festive season where everyone is happy and waiting ansiously for the day to come. But you wake up having limited things to do due to lack of electricity. I tried to contact the landlord as … Continue reading

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In the last two months on our often  and timely updates, Voice of Kibera team has been been able to participate and done a number of things. In the months of,September and October,the following have been achieved! We have had  … Continue reading

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Wangare Mathaai’s Tree in Kibera

She was a true icon, a mother, a laureate price winner, a key player in a champion team, an impresario kind of a person who knew so well how to do the little things and do them so well until … Continue reading

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Just like any other garbage lying on the ground, so is to the soda and water bottles dumped and scattered everywhere. These carelessly dumped bottles pose great dangers to our lives by their pollution to the environment. But who could  … Continue reading

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Kibera; Sitting on a time bomb whose explosion waits

Having taken time to see, listen to people talk, watch in the news and follow all those tweets about the Sinai Slums tragedy, I sat back and thought what if/how different would it have been in Kibera if this was … Continue reading

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The voice of kibera team has carried out different activities as well as participated in different events that are and will enhance growth at different capacities. Last week witnessed the evaluation launch of “ushahidi” .”ushahidi”which means testimony in Swahili, is … Continue reading

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Our Environment

  Kibera slum, once a beautiful forest is now full of litter everywhere resulting to environmental degradation which in turn negatively affects our biodiversity; the variety of life forms at all levels of biological systems. Outbreak of diseases like typhoid, … Continue reading

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