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Although research indicates that HIV/Aids in Kibera is highly rated amongst the community but something still needs something to be done to enable the affected and infected person found in this community to get any required help or referrals for … Continue reading

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Kibera; Sitting on a time bomb whose explosion waits

Having taken time to see, listen to people talk, watch in the news and follow all those tweets about the Sinai Slums tragedy, I sat back and thought what if/how different would it have been in Kibera if this was … Continue reading

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Insecurity in Kibera

Just a month ago, Police hunted down and killed a gang of thieves in two occasions. They were all youth and were killed for stealing property from the public. Insecurity is one of things that has been on the lips … Continue reading

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Illegal brew in Kibera

Illegel brew is one thing if you walked through Kibera mostly the Laini-Saba areas you will not fail to notice. Just a year after the death of 20 people from Kibera, 9 people in Shauri Moyo and more than 50 … Continue reading

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