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Story Structure   02.06.2011



  • Inverted Pyramid story structure —-important things first**


e.g. 2pple killed by a fire

Then the rest can follow

——location, colour of the house, the course of the fire

  • 9 steps to developing your stories


      Find something to write about (facts, breaking news, going to court rooms, hospitals)

      Do your interviews (who are u going to interview, tools to conduct it, make it a conversation- they will be at ease to give info)

      Choose the best quotes

      Report, report report ….3 times because of emphasis

      Answer all the questions that the reader will be interested in ,,and have more of questions

      Double check your information before compiling (u will be a reliable source)

      Double check your spelling some can be offended if their names are misspelled

      Have a great lead story

      After the lead structure the rest of the story

      Attribute the information you get from the source (give credit- this gives evidence/adds weight to your story)

      Get started on a follow-up story on the original.

  • News gathering


  • Story idea….Chang’aa


      Look at different ends of it and do a research to back your story

      Lead (an aspect that catches the audiences’ attention) It puts newest information at the beginning (this is in Hard news)

      It is different across the different types of news

      In soft news – The lead does not reveal the newest information

  • What is contained in a story?


      Focus statement –guides the entire process

      Lead– Catches audience’s attention short and catchy

      Nut graph – Says what the story is about

      Body– Quotes, background information

      Balanced reporting …be fare to all sides you are collecting the story from.

      Conclusion …what happened next, what dose it mean?

      Kicker – A clever way of ending your story

Groups Assignment

Group 1 Group 2
Ibra Shaib
Fred Lee
Ivy Sande
Topic: Health and Education Topic:Football


Reporting Back…..Next Week.

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