The Third Runner In The Election 2013

If Kenya election were to be held today neither Raila nor Uhuru would win; that is if Kenya democracy is really of age. Over the past years politics has been associated with a lot of negative energy and ethnicity mainly from the public and communities of the running candidates. It is no secret by now that 2007 election were the most denting in our times and it will forever be remembered vividly in our minds, that was the time Kenya as a nation lost over 1300 citizens in inter ethnic clashes and over 600 000 kenyans were displaced from their original homes to IDP (internal displaced people) camps.

This year though it is a different story with women, youths, young and the elderly all geared up and psyched up about the election. Again as it is in Kenya history it is a ‘’two horse affair” paving Raila Odinga of Cord and Uhuru Kenyatta of Jubilee coalition, the thing that many Kenyans may have overlooked is the third runner in this election to whom many have campaigned for, have advocated, for and even prayed for; “PEACE” he is a ghost contender in this race to the general election.

We have had from the Kenyan president, religious leaders, teachers union, NGOs to even young and school going children all advocating for the same message vote in peace and no matter what the result will be Kenya is ready to accept and move on for we have life after the 4th.

With all the effort put in place to make sure Kenya get a free fair safe and peaceful election I think I can now use this platform in confident to tell the whole world, what we all saw in some of the main stream media houses claiming that some part of Kenya is preparing for war after election is all but baseless information with no grain of truth in it, I personally am blogging from the hottest spot of violence in Kenya and the mood at the ground is peaceful with no form of hate speech or conflict arising.

So with that short a due I hereby present to you the winner of Kenya general election 2013 “PEACE”.


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